Siemens solutions for the Emobility Infrastructure Management


Emobility world

Emobility world

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    Smart technologies shaping the future of cities Globalization, demographic change as well as climate change are megatrends that will impact the future of cities. To support this sustainable city development, technologies are fundamental to create efficient buildings, a reliable power grid and capable mobility solutions.

    E-mobility as a key driver Electric vehicles are more than a means of transport. Thanks to technical innovations in Smart Grid infrastructure, where the flow of energy in the grid is no longer one directional, electric vehicles’ ability to connect with the grid is fundamental: they can be used both as transportation and as electricity storage devices feeding the electricity back into the grid to cover peak loads. Electric vehicles are also important because cities, to be smart, require new and sustainable transport models, such as electrical car sharing initiatives.

    Siemens answer for the e-car infrastructure management
    Considering the important role of e-mobility inside urban spaces, the infrastructure for electric mobility must satisfy the requirements of the grid, but also the needs of all the people operating in a modern Smart City. Drivers must be sure that they will be able to recharge their vehicles anywhere, and payment for electricity must be uniform across all distribution points. This infrastructure requires management by an E-car Operation Center, the brain of e-mobility, which has been developed and successfully implemented by Siemens.

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