Multi-user Protection Device Management System



PSS®PDMS user interface

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    Numerous settings are needed to parameterize different functions of a modern protection device (overcurrent time protection, overload protection, impedance protection, intermittent ground-fault protection, monitoring measurements, etc.). At any point in time starting from the setting calculation, parameterization and testing the settings as well as the accompanying documents must be traceable and the workflow state clearly indicated. Considering the involvement of different staff members during the workflow and the changing network configurations with corresponding parameter sets, as well as handling of different firmware, the management of protection data is a complex process.

    PSS ®PDMS (Protection Device Management System) is a universal program to centrally manage protection devices and their settings. All data is stored in a central relational database and is available for data exchange with other programs, such as relay parameterization software. Settings can be exchanged between the power system analysis software PSS ®SINCAL and PSS ®PDMS.

    Please find the product brochure and related datasheets under Downloads.

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