The intelligent way to manage decentralized generation and virtual power plants



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    Three factors are particularly affecting the energy system: Increasing distributed energy resources, fluctuating energy generators, capacity imbalance due to intermittent supply of energy rising the need to better match the demand for power with the supply.

    In the last years the main focus of virtual power plants VPPs were the aggregation Distributed Energy Resources (DER).

    VPPs traditionally manage a collection of small and very small distributed generation, storage and load to optimize trading, provide ancillary services and compensate intermittency.

    Now with EnergyIP DEMS, VPPs can operate in conjunction with Demand Response on one single platform to manage thousands of distributed generators and loads.

    EnergyIP DEMS is running on the open and scalable IoT platform EnergyIP together with other applications as the Siemens Meter data management system EnergyIP MDM.