Prepayment Metering Solutions


Prepayment Metering Solutions

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    Siemens provides metering and pay-as-you-go (PAYG) billing systems and solutions where payment for utilities services is made in advance by end consumers. Prepayment metering systems help consumers budget with their utilities consumption.Siemens’ existing prepayment metering systems handle transactions worth around EUR1.4 billion (USD1.9 billion) a year.

    Siemens existing pre-payment metering systems handle transactions worth around EUR1.4 billion (USD1.9 billion) a year. We operate a gas pre-payment system on behalf of the suppliers. We handle all data and financial transactions between the suppliers and nearly three million domestic and business pre-payment customers. Each week, our system issues over 20,000 pre-payment cards. Thats over a million cards a year! We design, print, personalise and mail these cards to consumers or point of sale outlets. We support suppliers with their "back office" processes, managing payments and helping them to identify and resolve unallocated payments. We were at the forefront of solving the issue of unallocated payments in the industry by establishing a data warehouse as a central archive of all pre-payment transactions.

    We are also working hard to provide a lifestyle choice through comprehensive PAYG services as the energy suppliers convert customers meters to Smart technology. Compliant smart meters will be able to operate in both credit and pre-payment mode. The technology is designed to be a standard solution providing benefits across all customer groups, including the pre-paid sector.
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