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How Well Do You Understand Your Energy Use?


Commercial & Industrial Metering

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    In business, you already know that energy represents a sizeable proportion of your operating costs - more efficient and effective management of your energy use will help you increase your profits and gain a competitive edge. To achieve this, it is vital to have accurate knowledge of your energy consumption, in order to better manage what you use and as a result, to control the amount you spend.

    A lack of knowledge as to how or where to reduce consumption is the challenge faced by many organisations, both large and small, in both the private and public sectors. Effective metering is the first, vital step to achieve accurate billing and reduce your consumption.

    In this environment, Siemens’ services enable you to:

    • understand how your energy is being used and what it costs

    • see your data in an easy-to-understand format

    • receive accurate energy bills - from the read data we send to your energy supplier

    We provide metering services and energy management services to business and industrial energy consumers for electricity, gas, water and heating. Our customers include wholesale customers with direct grid connectivity, major single-site high energy consumers and chained customers who need to manage and compare many different sites. Our customised energy consumption services help our customers increase efficiency, reduce costs and plan for the future.

    Our offering includes:

    • Meter Installation: fiscal meters and smart metering solutions

    • Sub-metering: location and equipment focused meter installation

    • Meter data collection: manual and remote every half hour

    • Data management: validation, aggregation, storage and communication

    • Management information: energy efficiency software, web-based and bespoke reporting systems

    • Meter calibration and maintenance over the whole meter life-cycle

    We will add value to your business by managing your installation requirements smoothly; giving you access to accurate consumption data for energy bills; improve process efficiency; offering practical, easy-to-understand energy management services at a competitive price and helping you tackle environmental issues, such as the size of your carbon footprint.

    Siemens has already helped thousands of businesses, large and small, to manage their energy more efficiently, reducing their costs and carbon emissions. We can help your business too.

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