End to End Metering Solutions

Smart Metering Connects Consumers to the Smart Grid through Bi-Directional Communication, thus Underpinning the New Relationship between Consumer and Producer.


End to End Metering Solutions

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    The Smart Grid is already radically changing the gas, water and electricity landscape. More than ever, regulatory requirements, technology advances and heightened customer expectations are driving the integration of communicating hardware and systems, leading to an explosion of data. Siemens full range of Smart metering, communications and data management solutions are making the benefits of the Smart Grid tangible today. Our class-leading technology and services are deployed and proven in markets around the world.

    There are a number of Smart metering solutions and services on the market and potentially, you could end up using multiple agents to support your metering needs making a complex solution even more confusing.

    Siemens removes this complexity for you. Our end-to-end domain knowledge and expertise spanning the entire energy conversion chain is our main differentiator. We are the worlds only integrated technology company that works across all businesses and technology interfaces with a comprehensive line of products, accredited solutions and services, supplying complete solution packages for Smart grid and Smart metering. We can supply the meter, retrieve, validate and present the data and open up useful energy management opportunities. Siemens takes responsibility for the whole operation, from start to finish.

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