Take Control of your Water Future

Take Control of your Water Future

Solve your water challenges with a proven solution.

Decades old and not designed to accommodate ever increasing demand, today’s aging water infrastructure would require approximately $1 trillion in improvements to meet current design standards.* The infeasibility of expertise-wide renewal has led many municipalities to plug gaps with short-term solutions that disproportionately reduce risk and substantially increase expense.

Siemens Smart Water Platform provides a proven, reliable and cost-effective solution to help you start solving your water challenges today and across your network over the long term. Developed, installed and supported by Siemens, a metering innovation leader, the Smart Water Platform combines EnergyIP Core Platform functionality with integration and an evergrowing portfolio of customizable apps. The platform seamlessly integrates with your new or existing metering system, providing actionable data to help address issues before they become problems, providing new ways to engage customers and strengthen relationships, and most importantly allowing you to generate a more predictable revenue stream.

Address Critical Infrastructure Needs

Provide your customers with infrastructure improvements they demand and the lowest possible water rates with a proven application platform that allows you to operate more efficiently and save money long-term. Using accurate, real-time data, Siemens can help you identify vital repairs associated with your aging and leaking infrastructure. The technology works wirelessly, allowing you to detect issues from anywhere on the grid, even the difficult to reach meters.

Maximize Operational Efficiency

Generate real-time, actionable data that simplifies
decision-making across your entire enterprise. The
Smart Water Platform serves as a repository for all
instrumentation on your distribution network, automatically collecting data from the meters, then analyzing, interpreting and centralizing it to make it all
easier to understand.

Create a More Predictable Revenue Stream

Avoid costly project overruns and realize substantial
savings over time with technology that helps keep your
operation on track and makes it easier to adapt to the
dynamic regulatory landscape. Designed, tested and proven to help water utilities operate more efficiently and effectively, Siemens makes it easy to identify the most costly leaks and meter errors so you can make smarter operational decisions and more targeted capital investments.

Customer Case Studies

Burbank Water and Power

Burbank, California, is a forward-thinking media and entertainment-oriented city that requires 21st century infrastructure and technology. Home to three major movie production studios, Burbank is a high-tech city by nature and very dependent on consistent, high-quality electric and water delivery. Burbank Water and Power (BWP) provides 45,000 residences and 6,000 businesses with water and electricity. Since 1913 it has been entrusted to deliver safe, reliable and affordable public services to Burbank’s citizens and business owners. In 2008, the mid-sized, community-owned utility embarked on a comprehensive Smart Grid initiative. The grid’s foundation, a meter data management system (MDMS) with robust meter-to-cash capabilities, was chosen and implemented with expertise from Siemens.


JEA is the eighth-largest community-owned electric and water utility in America, currently serving more than 417,000 electric and 305,000 water meters in Jacksonville, FL and parts of three adjacent counties. JEA sought to increase the level of benefits it was realizing from the implementation of its Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) network and following an extensive business case development process, JEA decided to implement EnergyIP to support its electric and water meters. The implementation included a centralized usage data repository; equipment, asset and administrative data storage; and automated data, asset, and service management processes and tools to enable utility business process improvements. EnergyIP is integrated with JEA’s existing legacy CIS, mobile WMS, OMS, GIS, asset management, and distribution planning systems.


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