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    Depending on the demands of your particular metering environment, Siemens can implement either our own, or business partners’ head end systems as part of our Smart metering offering.

    Siemens WF98++ HE (AMI head end)

    The WF98++ HE application communicates with Siemens IM meters to obtain meter reads, events, and can actions remotely such as connect and disconnect the meter.  It also performs real time conversion of register reads to interval data (consumption).

    The HE application capabilities include:

    • Obtaining meter reads every 15 minutes from meters

    • Obtaining daily register reads from meters

    • Initiating remote meter commands (connect, disconnect, etc.) to meters

    • Synchronising time with meters

    • Reporting real time register reads and events

    • Reporting daily register reads

    • Purging processed data daily

    WF98 concentrator application (CA) allows real time aggregation of meter data from individual HE applications.

    The capabilities of CA application include:

    •  Accepting 15 register reads every 15 minutes from multiple HE applications

    • Converting the register reads to consumption

    • Performing various aggregations on the calculated consumption data

    • Accepting daily register reads from multiple HE applications

    • Reporting real time register reads, calculated consumption and events to the MDM system

    • Reporting daily register reads to the MDM system

    • Purging processed data daily

    Siemens Automated Metering and Information System (AMIS) Transaction Server (TS)

    The AMIS TS acts as the central head end component for the AMIS metering system and its terminal devices. Branch meters can be connected to AMIS meter devices via M-Bus. Meters from other vendors can also be integrated into the AMIS system via a third party device gateway TD-3530. In that function, the AMIS TS controls and buffers the entire data flow to and from devices.
    Higher level applications (e.g. MDM systems) shall be able to control and / or retrieve information from devices governed by the AMIS TS independent of underlying communication protocols. For that purpose, a list of Web services methods, covering all aspects of information exchange with higher level systems can be provided.

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