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Data Concentrators

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    Automated Metering and Information System (AMIS) Data Concentrator (DC)

    AMIS DC is a component of the complete Siemens solution AMIS (Automated Metering and Information System) for the acquisition of consumption data and the management of distribution networks. AMIS was developed explicitly for the special requirements of the liberalised energy market.

    AMIS DC provides functionalities for the metering as well as the simultaneous automation of the distribution network. It is a system with microprocessor support and it serves primarily as a data concentrator in transformer stations. As a subnode, it has two interfaces, one with variable protocols for communication with the control center and higher-level nodes, if required, and the other interface for communication with the AMIS terminal devices, such as multifunction meters or load switching devices.

    AMIS DC communicates with the connected AMIS terminal devices via the low-voltage energy distribution network (< 400 VAC), and establishes the communication with the central station. The AMIS terminal devices are automatically detected and managed, and auto-routing between data concentrators is provided for network switchovers.

    Besides its function as data node, AMIS DC can also take over automation and telecontrol functions.

    AMIS Data Concentrator (AMIS DC) for transformer stations

    The AMIS Data Concentrators in the low-voltage transformer stations compile and process the data from the meters (TD-351x), load switching devices (TD-3520) and third party device gateway (TD-3530). The Data Concentrators can be expanded by adding modules to achieve automation functionality. AMIS DC and AMIS Transaction Server (TS) are connected via a serial or LAN interface.

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