Substation Gateway SGW1050

Within a PLC-based Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), the Substation Gateway SGW1050 aggregates and transports data from the smart meters towards the Head End System (HES) and onwards to the Meter Data Management (MDMS). Typically located in the distribution substation / ring main unit, SGW1050 communicates with a series of smart meters via G3-PLC over the low voltage power line. Backhaul communication towards HES can be realized with Ethernet or integrated cellular radio.

Substation Gateway SGW1050

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    In contrast to classical PLC data concentrators, SGW1050 tunnels encrypted smart meter data transparently and securely towards the HES, hence complying with demanding confidentiality / privacy requirements.

    In addition, SGW1050 provides state-of-the-art security features e.g.  including a Hardware Security Module (HSM), interface-bound role-based access (RBAC), PKI / Smart Cards authentication, TLS end-to-end security for remote and local access, PLC MAC-Layer Security, etc .

    SGW1050 can be configured centrally through HES, or simply with a standard web browser at the service laptop connected via the Ethernet service interface. Integration into umbrella network management systems via SNMP v3 is possible.

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