Standard IEC 61850

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IEC 61850 Standard Application Examples

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    The IEC 61850 standard is more than just an Ethernet-based substation automation protocol. It comprehensively defines the engineering process, data and service models, the conformance test, and the entire communication within substations. IEC 61850 has become firmly established in the field of substation automation. With Edition 2, its advantages now become available to other fields of the energy supply business. Only a consistently designed implementation of the IEC 61850 standard makes it possible to reap its full benefits. This is where Siemens’ applied technology leadership pays off: Siemens is the driving force behind this standard – no one knows its entire potential better.

    Siemens participates in most standardization bodies and user groups on the international stage and has the largest installed base worldwide: More than 300,000 devices with IEC 61850 are in operation around the globe. This advantage of experience is incorporated into all Siemens solutions and products. They set the benchmark when it comes to performance, interoperability, and availability. They make the entire workflow easier, deliver a safety and security advantage, and ultimately save real money. Siemens offers users the possibility to draw maximum benefits from IEC 61850. Discover what it means to tap the full potential of the IEC 61850 standard.

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