Protection Relays

Over 100 years of experience: With Siemens protection relay and control technology on board, you have a reliable, global partner at your side. You can expect proven, dependable and durable technology for all areas. Efficient, comprehensive and thus designed for maximum supply security. Benefit from the detailed, innovative know-how of the world leader in the area of protection.

Protection Relay and Control Product Lines

Software for protection

Arc Protection

Arc protection detects electric arcs through an optical sensor. Arc protection results in fast clearance ...

Bay Controller

Control, monitoring, metering and automation of switchgear. Easy, graphic engineering, interoperable and ...

Breaker Management

Siemens offers all types of relays you need to design complete protection schemes. You can find relays he ...

Busbar Protection

Siemens offers with its SIPROTEC busbar differential protection a solution, particularly suitable for sin ...

Capacitor Bank Protection

Devices for Capacitor Bank Protection

Combined Line Differential and Distance Protection

The line differential protection is used to protect strictly selective areas at high Speed.

Distance Protection Relay

In meshed networks, distance protection is the central protection function in the feeder protection.Our d ...

Fault Recorder

Powerful and reliable monitoring combined with flexible engineering and communication features provide th ...

Feeder Automation

Devices for Feeder Automation

High Impedance Protection

Protection devices used to provide restricted earth fault, busbar and connections protection. The high im ...

High Speed Busbar Transfer Devices

Ensure auxiliary power supply in power plants and industrial facilities. Automatic, synchronous switchove ...

Line Differential protection

The line differential protection is used to protect strictly selective areas at high speed. The simple me ...

Motor and Generator Protection

Our relays are specially designed to protect power generation systems. With their wide range of functions ...

Overcurrent and Feeder Protection

Very high levels of current in electrical power systems are usually caused by short circuit faults betwee ...

Phasor Measurement Unit (PMU)

Phasor measurement units (PMU) for synchrophasor measured values and IEEE C37.118 protocol and grid monitoring systems

Process bus with SIPROTEC

A new dimension in power grid reliability and efficiency

Protection for Rail Electrification

Secure, selective protection for traction current grids.

Software for protection

SIPROTEC and Reyrolle devices can be simply, reliably and safely engineered, adjusted, controlled, automated and evaluated with state-of-the art software.

Solutions for Protection

Always on the safe side


Devices for Synchronizing

Transformer Differential Protection

Secure handling of a wide variety of transformers and facility designs. Selective, cost-effective and fle ...

Transient Earth-Fault

The highly sensitive transient earth-fault relays determines the direction of transient and continuous ea ...

Voltage and Frequency Protection

Numerical, multifunction relays for connection to voltage transformers

Voltage Controller

Voltage controller provide an automatic voltage control for transformers with motor driven tap changer.