SIMEAS R-PMU (Archive)

Digital Fault Recorder with integrated Phasor Measurement Unit (PMU)



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    This fault recorder has been replaced by the fault recorder SIPROTEC 7KE85.

    SIMEAS R-PMU is a powerful disturbance (transient) and certified (see TÜV certificate) recorder with an integrated Phasor Measurement Unit (PMU) according to IEEE C37.118. SIMEAS R-PMU offers the following features: powerful disturbance (transient) recorder, event recorder and phasor measurement. The disturbance recorder with a high sampling rate and excellent frequency response enables precise analysis of network disturbances. With the integrated Phasor Measurement Unit (PMU), vector quantities of voltages and currents with high accuracy with regard to amplitude, phase angle and time synchronization are measured. It is possible to send the phasors to a Phasor Data Concentrator (PDC) in real time, and record them simultaneously with internal recorders (like SIGUARD PDP).

    The power and frequency recording system is an important equipment in power plants to understand stability problems and analyze related topics like the response of generator excitation control systems. With an event recorder, various digital signals like the status of a breaker, isolator, and trip contacts of protection relays, etc. can be observed and recorded for further analysis. As a field unit, SIMEAS R-PMU forms a powerful disturbance recording system together with the SICAM PQS software installed on a DAKON PC (personal computer for data collection). One DAKON PC can communicate with several SIMEAS R-PMU using various communication channels. One DAKON PC can communicate with several SIMEAS R-PMU and collect all recorded data.

    With a flash memory for each SIMEAS R-PMU and practically unlimited storage capability on DAKON PCs, as well as with a powerful database, the recording system enables excellent archiving possibilities. The data obtained by SIMEAS R-PMU is written to a high-capacity internal bulk storage medium. Under normal conditions in substations, power plants and industrial systems, this type of storage takes months to fill up. When the storage is full, it functions as a "ring buffer", overwriting the oldest values with the latest figures.

    With a high sampling rate, this unit records all relevant information for further analysis of short-circuits, breaker opening and closing behavior, reaction of CTs and VTs on network disturbances, etc. With a recording capability of 32 analog and 64 binary channels of each unit, and with real-time synchronization capability, the system can observe and monitor a huge number of feeders and power equipment. SIMEAS R-PQ is a recorder meeting all electromagnetic compatibility requirements like all Siemens numerical relays. High level of hardware and software quality and precise self diagnosis of each unit is a guarantee for the investment of our customers.