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    SICAM P is a power meter for panel mounting with graphic display and background illumination, or for standard rail mounting, used for acquiring and/or displaying measured values in electrical power supply systems.

    More than 100 values can be measured, including r.m.s. values of voltages (phase-to-phase and/or phase-to ground), currents, active, reactive and apparent power and energy, power factor, phase angle, harmonics ofcurrents and voltages, total harmonic distortion per phase plus frequency and symmetry factor, energy output, as well as external signals and states.

    Main features of SICAM P:

    • Switch panel mounting with display of the device SICAM P50: dimensions 96 mm x 96 mm / 3.78 in. x 3.78 in.

    • DIN rail mounting without display of the device SICAM P55

    • Expandable with additional module for analog input or analog output

    • 2 freely programmable binary outputs: e.g. energy counters, limit violations or status signals

    • Trigger function for settable limits programmed for sampled or r.m.s. values

    • Generating lists of minimum, average and maximum values for currents, voltages, power, energy, etc.

    • Independent settings for currents, voltages, active and reactive power, power factor, etc.

    • Up to 6 alarm groups can be defined using AND / OR for logical combinations

    • Alarms can be used to increase counter values, to trigger the oscilloscope function or to generate binary output pulses.

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