Distribution Automation

Distribution automation products, solutions, and services from Siemens significantly improve the reliability and availability of any power distribution system, and they also contribute to highly efficient grid management and operation. Whether remote signaling and monitoring or fully automated operation, the Siemens portfolio provides exactly the functions that you need.

Distribution Automation - Products

Distribution Automation improves significantly the reliability and availability of power distribution grids.

Solutions Distribution/Feeder Automation

Our solutions for distribution automation guarantee the cost-optimized operation ...


Microgrids - efficient microgrid management by optimizing operational, environmental and economic aspects

Municipalities and DSOs

Customized power solutions for municipal utilities and distribution system Operators

Communication for Distribution Automation

Reliable, fast communication infrastructure allows for the optimal monitoring and control of smart grids

Fault location in the cloud

Fault localization in the cloud – the cloud-based service for fault detection by Siemens