Reyrolle 7SR224



Reyrolle 7SR224 Auto-Recloser

Front view

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    7SR224 series relays include for directional control of three phase overcurrent and earth fault functionality and typically installed as an integral controller for a pole mounted recloser. The controller offers an integrated auto-reclose solution for use on OHL feeders.

    The relay functionality allows highly flexible settings for current and time grading making it compatible with all types of overcurrent protections.

    Relays have four current and four voltage inputs and are housed in E10 cases. Integrated logic is provided to allow the optimal configuration of relay functionality with the relays analogue inputs and binary input/output circuits. Protection, instrumentation and metering functionality is accessible via data comms channel(s). A front USB port for local PC connection and rear electrical RS485 port for remote connection are provided as standard, additional ports are available as options.

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