Minimizing cyber security risks with a trusted and flexible partner for future requirements



Digitalization and cyber security are two closely interrelated topics that are of great strategic importance for Siemens. With regard to the further development of cyber security measures for its network automation products, systems and solutions, for example, Siemens is taking a comprehensive security approach that is driven by international standards such as IEC 62443.

Siemens is the first company worldwide to have received a certificate for network automation solutions from TÜV Süd, Munich, Germany, in accordance with the international standards series IEC 62443. The secure substation framework from Siemens has been certified to IEC 62443-2-4 (requirements for system integrators) and IEC 62443-3-3 (requirements for the security functions of systems). The certified architecture is based on Siemens’ experience and knowledge as a globally active company, and the processes described in the certification ensure the necessary transparency of the security-relevant procedures in line with the standards. Siemens thus develops and implements network  automation solutions for power supply companies and grid operators which are based on the latest international standards in terms of cyber security and have been adapted to the current security guidelines. In addition to the existing standards for cyber security, IEC 62443 has evolved today into one of the most future-oriented security standards worldwide. It goes further than other standards and defines requirements for all parties involved, including product suppliers, system integrators and operators.

Whereas IEC 62443-2-4 certification is based on a security concept and engineering process developed by Siemens, the secure substation framework from Siemens is the basis for evaluation in accordance with IEC-62443-3-3. This security framework is made up of products such as the station automation system SICAM PAS/PQS and SICAM AK3, as well as the operating and monitoring system SICAM SCC, SIPROTEC 5 protection devices and the Siemens Ruggedcom portfolio consisting of switches, routers and firewalls.