Our Products – Integrated Advanced Cyber Security

Secure products in energy automation are the basis for a secure system for energy Automation.


Cyber Security: Security from the very start

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    The Importance of Cyber Security in Energy Automation Products

    Secure products in energy automation are the basis for a secure system for energy automation. The requirements for the IT security functions of the products depend on various factors. This includes the intended function of the products (protection, control, operation and monitoring) and the spatial deployment of the products. The security functions in modern energy automation products follow the general protection goals of IT security: availability, integrity and confidentiality.

    Main features of our products:

    • Secure communication

    • Logging of security-relevant events

    • Use of cryptochips that guarantee secure cryptographic functions and storage of sensitive information

    • Integrity check of own firmware

    • physical segregation between process communication and management communication

    In addition, we ensure that the regular installation of OS security patches and antivirus patterns does not interfere with the availability of power automation functions.

    Siemens offers sophisticated products, systems and solutions for the security of energy automation infrastructure.
    They meet the highest security requirements from the outset - including the BDEW Whitepaper (Bundesverband der Energie- und Wasserwirtschaft) and NERC CIP (North American Electric Reliability Corporation, Critical Infrastructure Protection) and certification according to the industrial security standard IEC 62443.