Small Control Center System SICAM 230

The scalable solution for monitoring and controlling your processes



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    All energy suppliers – whether they provide electricity,
    natural gas, water, or district heating – face ever  greater and more complex demands as they implement new energy mixes.
    SICAM 230 is a scalable system for a broad range of applications and can be used from an integrated energy system for utility companies to a monitoring system for smart grid applications.
    The SICAM 230 architecture is completely consistent – from the on-site controls to the redundant multi-hierarchic control system.
    New in the control room: SICAM 230 supports multi-touch controls. Use familiar gestures such as “swipe” or “zoom” for optimal control – to move or zoom in on a world view, for example.
    Adaptable multi-screen concept: SICAM 230 allows different monitor configurations within a single project. Screen layouts and user concepts can be tailored to the individual. The user interface and display elements of system windows such as lists, trend charts, and log outputs can be parameterized, so users see only those features relevant to the processes they monitor. Systematic locking mechanisms at the operating
    system level ensure secure operation, blocking unauthorized access to other system functions.
    Installing SICAM 230 is comparable to configuring standard software such as the Microsoft Office Suite. OPM II is the ideal tool to create and maintain the basic data model. This object-oriented process data manager is part of the SICAM TOOLBOX II engineering software for the entire SICAM product family.

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