Spectrum Power™ QuickStab

Spectrum Power QuickStab provides real-time assessment of blackout risks. It’s based on system-wide index calculation of voltage and steady-state stability in real-time, ensuring an immediate assessment of the degree of instability and the impact on generators – enabling fast decisions.

The Challenge

The transfer of power across transmission grids has certain thermal, voltage and stability limits. Exceeding the maximum load of a transmission system causes voltage collapses and leads to asynchronous units.

The Solution

To avoid blackouts, Spectrum Power QuickStab enables grid operators to rapidly and continuously determine the state of their grid. It provides intelligence on voltage instability of the power supply grid or on disconnection of power plant generators. Spectrum Power QuickStab is technologically advanced while remaining user-friendly. The field-proven and lightning-fast software application comes seamlessly integrated with Spectrum Power and is also available as a standalone offline version.

The Benefits

The ability to quickly assess the degree of instability and the impact of generators on stability is essential for fast and reliable decision-making. Spectrum Power QuickStab allows grid operators to accurately estimate the distance from any operating point to a state where voltages may collapse and units may lose synchronism — preventing blackouts before they happen.

It helps the transmission system operator to:

  • improve the system’s reliable operation by keeping the transmission grid within its stability limit and preventing voltage collapses as well as asynchronous units

  • improve congestion management procedures and develop remedial action strategies that are based on shifting generation in order to keep well away from the power system’s stability limit

  • implement market-based operating decisions, such as energy and demand transactions across large interconnected grids, without risk of blackout

  • develop profitable strategies for supplying more load, selling more energy, and wheeling more power without having to add new transmission facilities

  • run multi-area what-if scenarios for a fast assessment of the actual transfer limits of all sub-areas of the transmission system, providing a competitive edge on the electricity market

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