SIGUARD® Solutions

SIGUARD provides online dynamic security assessment for increased situational awareness. That’s because power system stability is becoming increasingly important for today’s system operation, as stability limits are often reached far earlier than thermal or rated limits.

The Challenge

Reliable electricity supply is the backbone of modern societies. The economic, industrial, and public sectors depend on an uninterrupted power supply. At the same time, the risk of blackouts is increasing due to a change in the development of power systems that can be observed nearly all over the world.

This change is characterized by growing load demand, distributed generation, volatile renewable energy sources, market liberalization, smart grid technologies, and new transmission equipment. Due to these changes, power systems operate closer to their stability limits. The number of active elements and possible remedial actions in case of stability problems is increasing at the same time. Operators need to know the stability margin in order to assess a power system’s stability correctly. They also require assistance in deciding on the best solution for a stability problem. Today, grid operation should not only rely on data acquisition and static n-1 analysis.

The Solution

The margin to instability has to be calculated continuously as well as in advance, and remedial measures have to be proposed to support control room employees. SIGUARD solutions support system operators in making the most suitable decisions. The core idea is to increase a system’s observability and to perform an automatic, intelligent security assessment. SIGUARD comprises two key components:

  • SIGUARD PDP uses time-synchronized, highly exact measurements to increase the observability of power systems.

  • SIGUARD DSA is an automatic and intelligent dynamic security assessment tool for the calculation of the stability margin and the validation of remedial actions.

The Benefits

SIGUARD solutions are the solid basis to meet new challenges and upcoming requirements. They empower utilities to constantly monitor the dynamics of electricity transmission systems.

SIGUARD offers three key benefits:

  • Blackout prevention

  • Increase of power system utilization

  • Improvement of situational awareness

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