Grid Stability

How to prevent a blackout before it happens.

Spectrum Power with its integrated applications State Estimation from TNA, Spectrum Power QuickStab and the SIGUARD solutions offers the most complete suite for grid stability in the industry.

Stability limits shift continuously during power supply operation, brought about by the changing load on the grid. For operating grids, it remains crucial to be familiar with their defined stability limits. Siemens has the unique ability to offer the most comprehensive solution for real-time and offline network analysis with stability applications.

Product Highlights

  • Fast and accurate State Estimation providing a real-time network model and assessment the model for accuracy

  • Fast stability monitoring and analysis as required in real-time with Spectrum Power QuickStab

  • Transient stability analysis and other tools for online and offline environments such as PSS Netomac – bundled under the suite of SIGUARD