Rail Electrification

Power rail more efficiently. Spectrum Power™ ensures smooth, reliable and economic operation of the traction power supply.

Spectrum Power

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    The challenge

    Whether mass transit or mainline, transport services worldwide have to optimize their business while at the same time face the challenge of ensuring smooth, reliable operation of traction power supply and station facilities.

    The solution

    The Spectrum Power SCADA suite provides a reliable energy supply at highest security, safety and quality standards. A comprehensive set of applications helps you to continuously strengthen the power system against contingencies:

    • Intelligent Interlocking and Switching Procedure Management with Process Element Disposal Locking

    • Network Model and State Estimator

    • Closed Loop Optimization of Load Distribution

    • Reactive Power Flow

    The benefits

    • Comprehensive solution

    • Maximum network control and stability

    • The highest standards of security and quality

    • Minimized operational and contractual costs

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