Portfolio Optimization

Stay ahead through integrated energy trading. Fine-tune your system with Spectrum Power jROS, and retrieve data seamlessly, calculate precisely, and prepare bids faster.

Portfolio Optimization & Energy Trading

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    The challenge

    To optimize your portfolio and stay ahead in energy trading, you as a power supplier need an integrated software solution modules to cover all aspects of power plant and contract range optimization.

    The solution

    Spectrum Power jROS is a planning tool that supports your power plant scheduling tasks with various algorithms on a common platform. In addition to unit commitment and hydro-thermal coordination, these tasks include the medium-term optimization of power trading with reference to the spot market and reserve energy requests.

    The Spectrum Power jROS tool includes:

    • An integrated platform for planning of resources, generation and trading activities on electricity and fuel markets

    • Spectrum Power jROS / RO for mid-term and long-term optimization of resources (water, fuel) and optimal contracts (electricity, fuel), on bilateral and spot markets for the next year(s)

    • Spectrum Power jROS / HTC for short-term scheduling of hydro-thermal (cogeneration) power generation systems

    • Standard procedures to alleviate generating the bids for energy on future and spot markets

    Spectrum Power jROS can be implemented as a component of the Spectrum Power control system. This allows you to optimize generation schedules through its SCADA and Automatic Generation Control (AGC) modules. For meeting the challenges of ever-increasing shares of renewable power generation, Spectrum Power jROS is prepared for stochastic optimization, too.

    The benefits

    Spectrum Power jROS boosts profitability on the energy markets through cost savings in generation and precise information for trading:

    • Make decisions faster in the bidding process on energy exchanges and for bilateral trading

    • Enjoy the benefits of a truly integrated solution, such as seamless operation and lower investment costs

    • Thanks to a joint venture, we can offer a single software based on the Siemens jROS package and the Atos package PTRS (Power Trading and Retail System)

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