Municipalities and Multi-Utilities

Reliabile electricity, gas, heating, cooling, and water supply thanks to the most advanced planning and analysis tools, with seamless integration of renewable energy.

Spectrum Power for Municipalities and Multi-Utilities

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    The challenge

    Municipalities and multi-utilities have to manage an increasing number of uncertainties due to energy market liberalization and increasing pressure towards sustainability. Your value orientation as a company has to be aligned with environmental and climate protection. At the same time, you are under more pressure than ever to provide reliable and safe power, gas, heating, cooling, and water supply.

    The solution

    Spectrum Power supports multiple commodities with the most advanced planning and analysis tools, as well as the seamless integration of renewable energy. It offers numerous functions for all supply areas.

    Advanced Spectrum Power applications cover numerous functions:

    • Reliable forecast plus after-the-fact applications for electricity, gas, water, and district heating

    • Advanced applications, such as leakage detection and reservoir management

    • Water supply management to minimize operating costs and secure high quality

    • Load management of gas for optimal use of purchases, considering dispatchable reserves, loads, and own generation while securing uninterrupted supply

    • Multi-site merging of existing control centers into one unified solution or platform

    • Online data supplied to internal as well as external clients via Web Office Portal (WOP)

    The benefits

    • Higher planning reliability due to better predictability of the network, demand, and supply

    • Utilities empowered to efficiently deal with mergers and third-party services, as well as regulation requirements

    • Increased stability and quality of supply while minimizing operational and contractual costs

    • A single system for multiple commodities (electricity, gas heating/cooling, and water supply)

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