Intelligent grid integration of generation. Spectrum Power™ helps you to reduce costs with perfect control of output and frequency.

Grid Integration of Generation

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    The challenge

    For efficient generation control, you need sophisticated applications that provide economic and reliable operation.

    As a control area operator or power producer, it is essential for you to be prepared for demanding tasks resulting from the liberalization of the energy market – for instance balancing power, energy, and power in emergency situations; black start capability; and congestion management capabilities.

    At the same time, the applications should better exploit your existing generation equipment according to capacity and budget, while integrating increasing shares of renewable energy sources.

    The solution

    Spectrum Power is your constant eye on production. It features a host of functions to perfectly meet your needs for generation control:

    • Load Frequency Control, in other words the power system’s stability, for real-time demand and supply

    • Economic Dispatch, which optimally allocates the total generation requirement

    • Reserve Monitor for online control of system reserve requirements

    • Production Cost Monitor for online comparison of real costs using actual unit generations against the optimal costs returned by the Economic Dispatch function

    • Short Term Wind Power Forecast forecasts the production of electrical power from wind plants over an operator entered time horizon up to one week in the future

    The benefits

    • Savings in fuel and unit maintenance costs due to detailed modeling of real situations

    • Fine-tuning of required system reserves helps minimize system operation and standby costs

    • Real-time feedback on whether the system is operating close to economic optimum

    • Accurate forecast for any operational decision on wind power use, ensuring reliability and security of the bulk power system

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