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Spectrum Power Energy Market Management. It helps you to strike the right balance of customer-focused power pricing, operational profitability, and reliable supply.

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    The challenge

    Operating an energy market means balancing the complex interests of the public, the market participants, and the market operator:

    • Public interests include reliability of the electric energy supply and the macroeconomic demand for the lowest market-clearing price

    • Market participants need to optimize investments, increase operational efficiency, and have timely access to highly accurate information

    • Market operators need to be highly efficient in running complex operations, flexible in adjusting market rules, and proficient in coordinating grid security while providing highly available market operations

    The solution

    With Spectrum Power Energy Market Management (EMM), Siemens helps market operators to find the right balance. The system incorporates the latest market clearing technology in a set of modular, high-performance components and engines.

    At the core of EMM is the Market Clearing Engine, based on the Security Constrained Unit Commitment software. Built-in flexibility enables the use of the same market-clearing engine in multiple structures such as a day-ahead or a real-time market. Both the operator and participants interact through the Market Participant Interface, a secure Web portal.

    The components of Spectrum Power™ EMM are best deployed as an integrated solution; however, each can be individually applied to an existing market management system to preserve investments already made in your systems.

    The benefits:

    • Matches the needs of operators

    • A highly modular solution

    • Lower market prices

    • Optimized business processes

    • Increased grid reliability for LMP-based centralized markets

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