Advanced Distribution Management System

Next-generation energy distribution at your fingertips.

The challenge

The key challenges in today’s world of power distribution management are brought about by an increasingly complex grid. This is because the share of Smart Metering and Demand Response is growing, while the adaptation of distributed generation and energy storage requires ever-more advanced solutions.

The solution

Siemens has entered a new era of power control systems: Spectrum Power Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS), the integration of Distribution SCADA, Outage Management and Advanced Fault and Network Analysis, all operated through one technology platform with one common user interface. Spectrum Power ADMS is the one system that brings your distribution management to the next level.

Monitor and Operate

Monitoring and operation by the integrated Distribution SCADA provides for the monitoring of all telemetered and non-telemetered network operational data, including the alarming of any abnormal conditions; and for the implementation of commands issued by the operator (via the user interface) to remotely controlled equipment, or other functions such as Switching Procedure Management.

Analyze and Optimize

Analysis and optimization via the integrated Distribution Network Applications (DNA) provide the tools needed to monitor the complete network beyond simple telemetry and to make optimal use of its assets. The application suite reduces network loading at peak times and increases efficiency as well as reliability. It’s available in real-time and for study purposes.

Track and Restore

Tracking and restoring via the integrated Outage Management (OM) is responsible for merging outage information from all available sources, identifying the nature of the outages — including fault locations and affected customers — and dispatching the crews to restore service and make appropriate repairs. It is also responsible for developing all the necessary switching procedures — whether for isolating faults, restoring services, or planning works. The application ensures proactive and safe guidance for operators when needed most.

The benefits

Spectrum Power ADMS is designed as the solid foundation for management of the Smart Grid.

The key benefits include the following:

  • Monitors, controls and optimizes distribution network operation to increase operators’ situational awareness, and reduces reaction time

  • Integrates increasing renewable generation while providing high operational efficiency

  • Optimizes asset utilization, with minimal network load and losses

  • Efficiently manages day-to-day maintenance and repair efforts to support reliability of supply

  • Shortens outage restoration times, especially under severe conditions, to ensure reduced service interruption time

Spectrum Power ADMS is business-focused.

It is Siemens’ global solution for the management of the evolving Smart Distribution Grid. ADMS has been designed to answer the operational challenges of Large Distribution Networks, since it is open to new Smart Grid business cases and to easy interoperability with any Enterprise IT.

Spectrum Power ADMS ensures that everything you need to know is only one click away.

It is characterized by its unique Common User Environment, enabling operation of all functions from one web-based user interface. With its component-based architecture, ADMS provides a flexible configurable environment for advanced grid management that is compatible with the various market requirements. Comprehensive outage views on geospatial and schematic network diagrams make the job of operators more efficient, effective, and satisfying.

Spectrum Power ADMS is made for easy integration.

Enterprise integration with external systems — such as Geographical Information System, Customer Information System, Interactive Voice Response, Advanced Metering, Workforce Management and Asset Management systems — is included in these implementations via the CIM-based SOA integration framework, which is an integral part of ADMS.

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