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To safeguard against cyber attacks, Spectrum Power™ provides compliance with NERC CIP 002–009 and BDEW Whitepaper.


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    The challenge

    Mitigating the risks associated with regulatory changes with a flexible and open architecture is a must when modernizing the grid. However, the advantage of openness and interoperability for seamless integration into the enterprise IT application environment also makes systems more vulnerable to cyber attacks.

    Network control systems must be protected against malfunction, communication failures, data and application corruption, and cyber attacks. This requires hardened systems and suitable software solutions that comply with the latest standards.

    The solution

    Off the shelf, Spectrum Power provides the tools and mechanisms you need to meet the highest security requirements – including those of NERC CIP (North American Electric Reliability Corporation, Critical Infrastructure Protection) and BDEW Whitepaper (German Association of Energy and Water Industries).

    Spectrum Power covers the entire range of security requirements and needs:

    • Secure software and system access (electronic security perimeter definition and access, logging and alarming, plus user system security features)

    • Secure communications (IEC 60870-5 (104) and DNP, ICCP (TASE.2), serial communications

    • Security support services, incl. system hardening, antivirus support solution, security backup and recovery

    • Secure system architecture

    • Cyber vulnerability assessment (CVA) and incident response services

    Spectrum Power brings an enormous wealth of experience from installation on more than 1,600 network control centers in operation worldwide. That’s why Spectrum Power systems cover a wide range of applications and meet the strictest requirements in terms of security.

    The benefits

    • Complies with the most recent NERC CIP requirements and BDEW Whitepaper, providing compliance with any cyber security standard

    • Covers software and system communications, and system architecture

    • Features the most recent security precautions

    • Availability of any required security service

    • Additional product-related services, such as security training and assessments, also available

    • Comprehensive, off-the-shelf solution

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