Spectrum Power™ SOA

The Service Oriented Architecture of Spectrum Power improves flow of information within your company.


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    The challenge

    Utilities are under increasing pressure to ensure the highest operational efficiency, minimize downtimes, and boost response times to system failures. With so much information coming in from Smart Grids, how can you ensure the right information gets to the right people at the right time?

    The solution

    Thanks to a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Spectrum Power communicates with other enterprise IT systems – and these systems can access the information of the grid control system in return. Standardized processes, interfaces, and messaging specifications based on the IEC 61968 and IEC 61970 standards support the trouble-free exchange of data throughout the company.

    Spectrum Power SOA covers three key services:

    • Data services, which can identify the affected resources in case of a fault

    • Function logic services, which can start certain energy management functionalities, such as computational programs for load flow calculation

    • Business logic services, which can coordinate the business logic functions in the different systems in relation to the energy management, for instance the malfunction management of the grid control system with the customer information system

    The benefits

    • Facilitates the optimization of the power supply and simplifies your company’s business processes thanks to easy integration into your heterogeneous IT systems and operational processes

    • Open standards ensure the excellent flexibility and easy handling of data migration, IT integration, and system expansion

    • Powerful import/export interfaces support connectivity with GIS systems

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