The Smart Suite Solution

Spectrum Power™ is your ideal suite solution for reliable power supply, continuous innovation, and secure operation.

Spectrum Power

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    The challenge

    Today’s changing energy system requires new solutions. To meet the growing demand for power, the grids of today and tomorrow must integrate ever more renewable energy sources, and ensure bi-directional power and communication flows.

    Smart Grids support the efficient and on-demand generation and consumption of power. The data of a grid control system is of highest importance and has to be preserved – regardless of future developments of technologies and platforms.

    The solution

    Siemens meets these challenges head-on and provides support in this important area through continuous developments in all fields of energy automation. The Spectrum Power suite provides operators with a fast and precise overview of their grid. This means that they can quickly assess its status and quickly reach the right decisions – avoiding cost-intensive faults.

    Intelligent user guidance also contributes to reliable, efficient operation. With its modern user interface and simple, consistent operational concepts, the network control system supports operational processes as well as the best possible reaction in critical situations. Through rigorous compliance with international standards, we provide sustainable protection for your investment.

    The benefits

    • Seamless IT integration and easy extension for future regulatory changes thanks to proven SOA capability

    • Protects your grid against cyber attacks

    • Full CIM compatibility means your investment is protected for the future

    • Runs on standard x86 hardware so you can choose the ideal solution for your purchasing strategy

    • User-centered design allows for optimized workflows and a high level of situational awareness for secure supply

    • Secure data engineering without interruption of the productive system

    • Provides n-1 security up to control center level and backup configuration

    • Flexible multi-site operation sharing and global view on control centers with centralized data engineering

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