Spectrum Power™ HIS

Spectrum Power HIS provides smart data archiving for vital intelligence that makes the grid smarter.

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    The challenge

    Your systems collect a host of data that needs to be archived for future analysis and compliance with national or international, mandated retention periods. This archived data needs to be accurate, of high quality, and complete, regardless of its source, and quickly available to all stakeholders.

    At the same time, the overall lifetime cost of a archiving system can become tremendeous, comprising hardware, integration, maintenance, to name just a few factors. Thus, you need a reliable archiving system that can easily and affordably be scaled over time.

    The solution

    Spectrum Power Historical Information System (HIS) from Siemens is all you need for your archiving requirements. It collects high volumes of data, either periodically or when triggered by events, and stores raw operational asset and facility information from various sources throughout your enterprise. These includes analog and digital process information, meter data, event and alarm information, non-operational substation data, and planning information.

    Spectrum Power HIS also serves as a corporate archive:

    • It can be configured as an independent replica and secured with a firewall

    • It can also import data from different sources, including meter data management, external SCADA and enterprise applications, as well as export data

    • It lets you create and maintain complex data analysis reports and charts, and update the raw data periodically

    • It can be integrated with enterprise applications via an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) thanks to SOA capability

    In all, Spectrum Power

    HIS is your fast, robust, reliable, and highly available data archiving solution that delivers higher-quality service at a lower overall cost.

    The benefits

    • Cost-effective and scalable archiving solution for high-speed, high-volume enterprise data

    • High levels of reliability and quality through multiple methods of redundancy

    • Easy to integrate in compliance to industry standards for open database interfaces and SOA architecture

    • Enables data editing with audit trail functionality

    • Low risk and costs thanks to the support of industry standards such as ODBC and JDBC

    • Disturbance Data collection

    • Comprehensive postmortem analysis via replay of events/disturbances in network diagrams (flight recorder)

    • Energy accounting with flexible energy summaries and inadvertent energy calculation

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