Grid Monitoring using Synchrophasors

 SIGUARD® PDP (Phasor Data Processor)


Analysis of the power flows in the system

Voltage vector of two measurement points in the network

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    SIGUARD® PDP – Reliable System Operation with Wide Area Monitoring

    The load on electricity supply systems has increased continuously over the past few years. There are many reasons for this:

    • Increased cross-border power trading in Europe, for example, is placing new demands on the tie lines between control areas. For example, power transmission on tie lines in the European grid increased almost 6-fold from 1975 to 2008 (source: Statistical Yearbook of the ENTSO-E 2008)

    • Increased input of wind power and the planned shutdown of existing power plants will extend the transmission distances between generation and consumers.

    • Severe weather and storms can put important lines out of operation, for a short time exposing the remaining grid to increased load quickly.

    This means that the power system is increasingly operated closer to its stability limit and new load flows arise that are unfamiliar to network control center operators.

    This is where SIGUARD® PDP (Phasor Data Processor) is of huge benefit.

    This system for network monitoring using synchrophasors helps with fast appraisal of the current system situation. Power swings and transients are indicated without delay to help the control center personnel find the causes and take countermeasures.

    Advantages for the user:

    • SIGUARD® PDP, a fast monitoring system, detects the events and trends in grids with fluctuating load flows or highly loaded lines which conventional systems cannot detect at all or can detect too late.

    • Detailed search of causes can take place after failures.

    • Investment decisions for new equipment can be taken based on valid dynamic measurements.

    • Protection settings can be checked and improved using the measured dynamic processes.