Condition Assessments & Diagnostics



The initial step for TLM™ – Transformer Lifecycle Management™

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    How is your fleet of transformers really doing? Siemens TLM™ diagnostics makes it possible to detect the current condition with high precision and therefore classify operational reliability for all makes and models and all voltage and power levels. Especially after extraordinary events such as thunderstorms and lightning, relocations, and similar occurrences, comprehensive testing including on-site high-voltage tests is recommended – and with TLM™, this is possible with the high quality equivalent to testing in the factory. Mobile TLM™ high-voltage tests are also used for acceptance testing following on-site repairs.

    You can choose the level of diagnostics that best fits your needs. There are three levels: Essential Diagnostics is performed during your normal operation, while the Advanced Level requires minimum outages. The ultimate level integrates high-voltage testing to optimally evaluate the operational condition and residual life span of each of your power transformers, based on our decades of experiences and highly advanced diagnostic methods.

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