Solutions for Distribution / Feeder Automation

Our solutions for distribution automation guarantee the cost-optimized operation and maintenance of primary equipment, increased supply safety and voltage quality, and a rapid adjustment to changes in the distribution network. Also included are new applications such as fault detection, fault location, voltage and reactive power compensation, and power quality measurements.


Solutions for Distribution / Feeder Automation

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    Reliability of energy supply and power quality: cost-effective responses to growing requirements
    Reliability of energy supply primarily depends on the distribution network, and its importance is growing. It is generally quantified by two indicators: SAIDI (non-availability) and SAIFI (interruption frequency). In many cases, explicit power quality criteria are even being included in contracts between customers and utilities. Moreover, regulators in liberalized markets are requiring that utilities document network reliability, or they define explicit performance targets. Many countries even impose penalties for non-compliance.

    This being the case, power quality is becoming more and more of a focus. Operators are requiring suitable measures that allow them to acquire information from the distribution network at any time, and thus to control the distribution network more efficiently. Intelligent concepts for network operation can help achieve the defined performance goals which make them a key factor in supplying energy cost-effectively. Knowing which measures supply which measurable added value for network operation is becoming increasingly important. Our system solutions take all these topics into account and provide all possible functions for fault detection, fault location, and fault correction within a network segment.

    Operation: cost-optimized and efficient
    The greatest benefits are achieved when circuit-breakers are used with the appropriate protection functions. Network segments can be operated fully automatically by means of local self-healing functions, and switching operations for reconfiguring the network can be initiated centrally from the control room.

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