Telecontrol Systems

Telecontrol: comprehensive network information

Telecontrol: comprehensive network information
Telecontrol systems based on ENEAS provide multi-hierarchical monitoring and remote control, as well as node functionalities on all network levels. They also permit consistent remote maintenance through process communication.

One special benefit is their modular structure, with a scalable system family for all applications. This allows them to be flexibly adapted to the primary process and its spatial distribution, and ensures long-term expandability with minimal effort. All the components used are based on a shared system architecture and technology. Because identical communication functions are used, the available protocols can be employed on all telecontrol systems.

As part of the evolutionary development of our solutions, we consistently aspire for upward compatibility in order to guarantee maximum investment protection and future viability. Taking this as our basis, we develop sophisticated migration concepts that allow you to cost-effectively updating the technology of the obsolete systems.

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