Generation Control

Generation control to operate the industry owned generation reliable and under economic conditions

Generation Control

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    Coordination of different generator sets
    Generator sets typically have their own primary controllers. If several of them operate jointly in an island grid, they need to be coordinated. Generation control ensures the most reliable power generation possible in industry grids containing several generator sets – both connected to an external power utility and in island mode.

    Ensuring grid stability
    Generation control establishes evenly balanced active power that enables power demand from an external grid to be set, to keep within a maximum purchasing limit from the external grid, or to stabilize the frequency in the islanded grid. It can, however, also establish evenly balanced reactive power in order to maintain a desired power factor angle at the tie-line to an external grid or to stabilize the rated voltage of the busbars in island mode. Generation control also calculates the spinning reserve in order to ensure that there is always sufficient control capacity available.

    Efficient and convenient
    Generation control is totally integrated in ENEAS substation automation and runs on a central computer, with optional redundancy available. As a result, there is no need for additional devices or inputs/outputs. In addition, the same user interface is used for control and monitoring as well as for ENEAS power management. This provides
    a very transparent means of displaying numerous parameters, for example, power flows and reserves, operating modes, individual generator sets, and entire grid areas.

    The process – i.e., condition and measured value acquisition as well as the output of commands and setpoint values – is interfaced via field and/or telecontrol devices.
    These are linked to the plant control center via high-speed communication. This distributed architecture enables the connection to be flexibly adapted to the primary controllers. Important machine data and setpoints are exchanged via serial and parallel interfaces, or a combination of both.
    This concept provides an efficient and reliable system solution for new plants as well as for the refurbishment of existing plants.

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