Solutions for life cycle management



Energy automation is a complex subject. As a technology leader, Siemens has an inside view of the details and their interaction within the system. As an important contribution to the safe operation of all energy automation systems, Siemens makes this knowledge available to others. The Siemens ENEAS solutions comprise an extensive range of courses tailored to the specific system environment. Siemens experts share their knowledge at the Siemens Power Academy or at the customer's premises. They are always on the latest technological and didactical level, and trainees can immediately apply the acquired knowledge in daily practice. Specific seminars with customized focus areas, such as operational management based on an installed system, are available on request. In addition, many courses are available as online seminars.

Siemens offers an extensive program of qualified trainings in power generation, transmission, and distribution at 31 training centers around the world.

Individual training is available to extend existing knowledge. Special attention is given to configuration and maintenance of the system, and conduct in case of incidents.

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