Seamless communication: ease of operation with genuine added value



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    Without consistent, intelligent communication solutions, there is no way to guarantee the safe, reliable operation of an energy automation system. In recent years in particular, communication technology has changed drastically, with more and more extensive networking of system components and the IT environment. A significant driver has been the growing use of commercial technologies (for example, TCP/IP networks) in industrial applications, which has produced a wide range of options for optimization of systems – provided the appropriate security concepts are consistently implemented, from the planning and selection of communications equipment through to operation.

    As a full service provider, we offer you end-to-end communication solutions from the control center to the bay controller. With integrated energy automation, we provide the “data highway” and “interfaces” that you need for new applications and services, such as online monitoring and remote parameterization, while consistently relying on international standards such as IEC 61850, IEC 62351, and IEC 61968.

    The systematic harmonization of communication platforms throughout the entire automation chain offers you a wealth of benefits, such as simplifying handling, increasing system availability and safety, and guaranteeing the interoperability of new applications.
    The architecture is designed in such a way that you can adapt the system configuration as flexibly as possible and expand it almost limitlessly.

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