IT Security

Uncompromising IT security: seamless and reliable


IT Security

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    Protection against unauthorized accesses, operator errors, and other internal and external threats is becoming increasingly important in energy automation, because such threats can have serious consequences for the power supply. For this reason, ENEAS solutions include a sophisticated IT security concept.

    Maximum seamless IT security for the entire system depends on the cooperation of secure products within a carefully conceived solution. This in turn requires clear processes that include policies and guidelines. Moreover, issues relating to IT security must be taken into account throughout the systems entire life cycle – from the initial offer, to project processing, all the way to after sales support. A holistic consideration of seamless system security is also required by various international standards (for example, the BDEW Whitepaper, NERC CIP, WIB 2.0, IEC62351, and ISA99/IEC62443) as well as by operators who generate the relevant requirement specifications for suppliers.

    It is never an easy task to meet these demands, because the components used are often based on different hardware platforms, operating systems, software and firmware applications with manufacturer-specific philosophies in terms of operations management, engineering, and after sales support. These extremely heterogeneous structures are a particular challenge when it comes to IT security for entire systems. When we develop solution concepts for the seamless IT security of an entire system, we leave nothing to chance, but systematically consider all the relevant aspects.

    Seamless system integration of the IT security concept is a central requirement for every system operator in achieving reliable operation.
    Siemens is one of a small handful of suppliers to have been successful in achieving certification of a typical energy automation configuration in accordance with WIB 2.0. Among industrial customers, WIB 2.0 is considered as a fundamental standard in IT security. The WIB 2.0 security standard not only certifies individual products and systems, but also the entire energy automation solution - from product development through engineering and commissioning to service and preventive maintenance.

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