Solutions for Small Control Centers

Modern control center have to fulfill a large number of requirements. They gather a wide range of highly detailed information about the network and its current state. This assists operating personnel in controlling the central network and allows rapid reaction and specific countermeasures to be taken in the event of a fault.


Solutions for Small Control Centers

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    Additional high-quality applications, such as energy management, metering, asset management, etc., can either be integrated directly in the control system or can be linked to it via interfaces to offer further value added. This provides an efficient system for the small- to medium-size range of applications that enhance the large network control systems available from Siemens.

    Comprehensive modules: foundations for customized solutions
    Our control system software has always proven effective for traditional applications in substation automation and in power grids with electricity, gas, water, and district heating.
    It also serves as the basis for wind farm, industry, and airport technology. More importantly, we use the same platform for implementing application-specific solution packages, for example, condition monitoring, load shedding, network monitoring, meter integration, and power quality monitoring. These modules can be used in any combination, depending on the application.

    Unlimited communication: based on standards and beyond
    Communication is a key factor for successfully integrating a wide variety of sensors into one control system. In addition to the IEC 61850 and IEC 60870-5-104 standards, our solutions offer another 200 protocols, from the building automation bus to accepted industry protocols. Today’s control systems must serve as the hub for communication with other control and monitoring systems, thereby permitting the connection of higher-level systems with, for example, IEC 61850 servers, ICCP/TASE.2, and IEC 60870-5-104.

    Maintenance and IT security: systematic availability
    Maintenance and IT security are becoming increasingly important for command and control systems, which is why we integrate them into the operation and process areas and make them an integral component in the security concept. With our control center solutions, you benefit from tested updates and patches, as well as from continual development as per accepted IT security standards. Because update and backup management is simple and foolproof, system support is as simple as possible and as secure as necessary.

    Scalability: focus on small- to medium-sized systems as expansions to large control center
    From industry PCs to multiserver solutions with over 100,000 data points, our small- to medium-sized control system solutions are all based on the same system platform.
    This platform can be installed on all current Windows operating systems from a DVD, to ensure a consistent system quality environment which is both simple and convenient.

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