Solutions for wind power

Efficient  energy automation solutions for wind turbines and grid connection of wind farms to ensure safe operation.


Solutions for wind power

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    With a wealth of experience from large on- and offshore wind power projects over the last few years we have engineered many applications requested by wind power systems. In a first step standard solutions for substation automation and grid connection are covered by Energy Automation.

    > More Information: ENEAS generic solutions for wind power

    In addition we design solutions for condition monitoring, connectivity to turbine control system, on- and offshore applications, infeed controller and at least the integration of HVDC controller into one SCADA system.So finally it is possible to design a complete bundle of secondary applications for wind park solutions that represents.

    Modular solutions for wind power

    • Grid connection and grid code compliance volt/var controller

    • Capacitor bank controller

    • Energy automation solution for on- and offshore substations

    • Integrating of auxiliary components

    • Platform signals (pumps, engines)

    • Fire protection

    • Lighting

    • Building heating and conditioning

    • Asset monitoring

    • SCADA workstation (on- and offshore)

    • Energy management (i.e. EEG)

    • Remote Operation Center for renewable

    • Communication to wind power controller

    • Communication to TSO grid operator.

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