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Measurement, control and voltage regulation in one device



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    The 6GC64 digital voltage regulator represents a new
    generation of voltage regulators by Maschinenfabrik
    Reinhausen (MR). The new TAPCON® voltage regulator is based on the new ISM® Technology that provides Maximum flexibility to meet current and future requirements. Fitted with cutting-edge features of the communication technology, the 6GC64 supports all common protocols and even offers the possibility of a redundant connection via Ethernet.
    Increasing requirements for operational reliability and data security are taken into account and ensured by implementing role-based user authorization as well as encrypted communication connections. The innovative operating concept of the 6GC64 ensures easy and intuitive user guidance. Interactive Launch Assist (TILA) is an integrated start-up wizard that provides maximum support during guided initial start-up of the 6GC6.

    The basic configuration of the 6GC61 voltage Regulator includes a fully graphical 5.7“ colour display, navigation via the rotary knob and the web-based visualization in accordance with the HTML 5 standard, thus providing easy local and remote operation. In addition to simple regulation tasks, the 6GC64 also supports complex special applications such as Regulation of three-winding transformers, transformer banks, Phase shifters and shunt reactors.
    The modular system allows you to adjust the Regulator performance range precisely to your requirements. Parallel control of transformers is based on the method of minimum circulating reactive current, or parallel operation is carried out by using the tap synchronization method. A digital bus system or IEC 61850 Goose communication is applied.

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