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    The 6GC61 digital voltage regulator represents a com- pletely new design series of voltage regulators by Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen (MR). The TAPCON® product line performs tasks such as measurement, control and voltage regulation in one device. The devices of the TAPCON® series are suitable for multiple applications - from simple regulation tasks to complex control processes (e.g., for phase - shifting transformers). The voltage regulators merge extensive know - how and maximum customer benefit combined with the reliability of all MR products

    The basic configuration of the 6GC61 voltage regulator includes a clearly structured display showing the line voltage and the tap changer position, making any additional displays in the control cabinet redundant. All connections are designed as plugin connectors. Device wiring and testing are greatly facilitated.Parallel control of transformer parallel operation based on the principle of minimum circulating reactive current or parallel operation based on the tap synchronization method.

    A digital bus system allows the standard device to simultaneously control two groups with 6 participants without any extra equipment. Acquisition of the system topology in the multiple busbar system is optionally possible. In this case, the regulators automatically recognize which transformers are operating parallel. No separate device is needed here either.The customer can link or assign freely programmable inputs and outputs for further processing. This saves wiring

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