Two Winding Differential Protection Relay


Two Winding Differential Protection Relay

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    The SIPROTEC 7UT85 transformer differential protection device has been designed specifically for the protection of two-winding transformers (2 sides). It is the main protection for the trans- former and contains many other protection and monitoring functions. The additional protection functions can also be used as backup protection for subsequent protected objects (such as cables or lines). In this process, you are also supported by the modular expandability of the hardware. With its modular struc- ture, flexibility and the powerful DIGSI 5 engineering tool, SIPROTEC 7UT85 offers future-oriented system solutions with high investment security and low operating costs.

    Main function:

    1 differential protection function (standard or auto transformer) with additional stabilization; up to 2 restricted ground-fault protection func- tions

    Useable measuring points:

    5 x 3-phase current measuring points, 3 x 1- phase current measuring points, 3 x 3-phase voltage measuring points; expandable to 3 sides

    Inputs and outputs:

    2 predefined standard variants with 8 current transformers 7 to 19 binary inputs, 7 to 23 binary outputs

    Hardware flexibility:

    Flexibly adjustable and expandable I/O quantity structure within the scope of the SIPROTEC 5 modular system.

    Width of housing:

    1/3 × 19 inches to 2/1 × 19 inches

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