Numerical overhead contact line protection for AC traction power supply


SIPROTEC 7ST61 / 7ST63 - Numerical overhead contact line protection

Perspective view

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    The numerical overhead contact line protection relay Siprotec 7ST61 / 7ST63 is a selective and quick responding protection device for overhead contact lines fed from one or multiple points in AC traction power supplies.

    The relay possesses all functions required to protect a section of the overhead contact line and can therefore be deployed universally.

    The Siprotec 7ST61 / 7ST63 numerical overhead contact line protection relay is a member of the Siprotec 4 product family, which stands for excellent quality and powerful protection relays and is characterized by the following features:

    • Powerful 32-bit microprocessor system

    • Completely numerical data processing and control, from the measurement of voltages and currents to the switching decision logic of the circuit-breaker

    • Complete galvanic and interference-immune isolation of the internal processing circuitry from the measurement, control and power supply circuits of the switchgear via measured value trans formers, binary input and output modules, and DC and AC voltage converters

    • Simple operation via integrated operator panel or connected personal computer with operating software Digsi 4

    • Storage of fault indications and instantaneous values for fault recording

    An integrated equipment concept arises from integration into the Siprotec family, e. g. with line, transformer and busbar differential protection.


    • Integration of protection, control, measurement and automation functions into a single unit

    • Shortest tripping times due to adaptive protection algorithms

    • Efficient operation due to a universal tool for all tasks

    • Adaptation to different modes by parameter-set switchover

    • Flexible availability of all common communication protocols

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