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Multifunction Protection Relay


SIPROTEC 7SJ63 Multifunction Protection Relay

Perspective view

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    The SIPROTEC 4 7SJ63 can be used as a protective control and monitoring relay for distribution feeders and transmission lines of any voltage in networks that are earthed (grounded), low-resistance earthed, unearthed, or of a compensated neutral point structure. The relay is suited for networks that are radial or looped, and for lines with single or multi-terminal feeds. Regarding the time-overcurrent/directional timeovercurrent protection the characteristics can be either definite time, inverse time or user-defined.

    The SIPROTEC 4 7SJ63 is equipped with motor protection applicable for asynchronous machines of all sizes.Motor protection comprises undercurrent monitoring, starting time supervision, restart inhibit, locked rotor.

    The relay provides easy-to-use local control and automation functions. The number of controllable switchgear depends only on the number of available inputs and outputs. The integrated programmable logic (CFC) allows the user to implement their own functions, e.g. for the automation of switchgear (interlocking). The user is able to generate userdefined messages as well.

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