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GPS/DCF77 Time Synchronization Unit (Meinberg)



Rear View

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    The GPS time synchronization unit (receiver) 7XV5664-1, together with additional components like mini-star coupler 7XV5450, Sync-Transceiver 7XV5654 and prepared cable with plugs, is a comprehensive solution for time synchronization of any number of SIPROTEC protection devices.

    The transmission of the time signals (telegram or impulse) takes place, immune to disturbances and over long distances, via a FO cable to the protection cubicles. A sync-transceiver converts the optical signals into electrical signals (< 200 ns delay). The 7XV5664-1 supports protocols like IRIG-B or DCF77 which can be used for the synchronization of further devices, e.g. SIMEAS R, SIMEAS R-PMU or PQ devices like SIMEAS Q80 V3.

    The GPS-antenna has to be mounted with a free view to the whole sky, on the top of a roof or an outside wall. Within the antenna cable, the surge protector has to be mounted close to the antenna. The GPS time synchronization unit can be connected to usual AC supply or a station battery.

    A simple PC-Software (included in the shipment) facilitates the setting of the receiver via an RS232 interface.

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