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    With the GPS-time signal receiver 7XV5664-0 and additional components wide-range power supply 7XV5810, mini star-coupler 7XV5450 and sync-transceiver 7XV5654, a comprehensive solution for time synchronization of any number of SIPROTEC protection devices is possible. A simple PC-Software (included in the scope of delivery) facilitates the setting of the receiver via a RS232 interface. The transmission of the time signals (telegrams or impulses) takes place, immune to disturbances, via a FO cable to the protection cubicles, where the time signals are electrically converted with the Sync-Transceiver. The standard version can, with the output of special protocols, also be used for the synchronisation of further devices, e.g. Reyrolle ARGUS 1 or SIMEAS Q80. For the SIPROTEC line differential protection 7SD52 or for SIMEAS R-PMU, the special version provides a highly accurate pulse per second. The GPS antenna with 25 m cable to the receiver is included in the scope of delivery. Lightning protection is optionally available.

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