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Bus Cable for Time Synchronization (for 7SD5 Relays)



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    The evaluation of fault records, operational alarms and fault signals calls for a millisecond-accurate absolute time stamp. The differential protection relays have an internal clock on a quartz basis, by means of which the protection is normally synchronized. In special applications, GPS radio clocks are used to synchronize the 7SD5 differential protection relays with the absolute time.

    These clocks send a time telegram together with a microsecond-accurate seconds pulse, so that the transmission time in both the sending and the receiving direction can be precisely measured. All the devices in each system are connected in parallel via an electrical bus, so that all devices receive the time information and the seconds pulse at the same time. By means of the prefabricated bus cables 7XV5105, the 7SD5 relays can be connected via their IRIG-B interface (Port A) directly to the sync.-transceiver 7XV5654. The maximum length of the electrical bus when the prefabricated cables are used is 20 m. Relevant applications are described in the manual for the sync.-transceiver 7XV5654.

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